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Next eTRA update available

Company iPad
Attention please!
We're seriously considering to stop (as in: 'reject') the free monthly eTRA service since the company is now slowly but surely picking up our need for better information services on board. We therefore need your opinion: continue or stop with free monthly eTRA updates?
Since the roll-out of the company cockpit iPads everybody has access to the Lido/mPilot application with the latest approach plates. The eTRA team therefore already discontinued it's monthly service to deliver fresh apporoach plates to the eTRA folder.
Voting is open for the next 2 weeks. August 1 will publish depending on the wishes and comments of our frequent users. Let's hear it!

iTrans R.I.P. (end-of-life notice)

Dear and beloved iTrans-users,
It is with great sadness that I announce today the passing away of iTrans, our beloved piece of software that allowed us to download our CRP-schedules directly to our Apple OS X computers. 
Unfortunately an update of the CRP software broke an important script used by iTrans, and it could not

TRApple & eTRA celebrate 9th birthday

Happy 9th birthday

March 25, 2008

Tired of questions like: Why should I use an Apple computer i.s.o. my PC? I spend 2 days trying to get my scanner working with my PC, what did I do wrong? What's the best virusscaner for Windows, I think I'm infected. But also: Help, my PC is ugly, what should I do? What's the cheapest laptop I can buy. And so on...

IKEA to start low-cost airline in 2019

IKEA Airlines

We're taking to the skies with the launch of a low-cost airline: FLIKEA!
We’re thrilled to announce plans to launch our own airline in 2019. FLIKEA will be a single-class, low-cost carrier that will travel to may international destinations, and will include the world’s first non-stop flight from Sweden to Australia.

VKV: Vereniging van KLM-Vliegers...

Ik hoor van verschillende kanten dat het Team 'Hudding & Schmid' nu bezig is met een soort van telefoonterreur naar hun eigen collega KLM-vliegers om hun, overigens weinig verhullende, chantage en populisme te verkondigen. We moeten echt iedereen mobiliseren om te stemmen als we niet ondergesneeuwd willen worden door KLM-only minded ego's binnen de VNV.

Transavia vliegers, Wake-up!

Vanaf 1 mei as. gaat de VNV een nieuw presidentieel team krijgen. Dit team bestaat altijd uit 2 mensen, normaliter KLM-vliegers.

2016 was een heel veilig luchtvaartjaar


Afgelopen jaar was na 2015 het veiligste jaar in de luchtvaart ooit. Dat blijkt uit onderzoek van Aviation Safety Network (ASN).

ASN heeft in de grote luchtvaart negentien dodelijke ongelukken geteld in 2016, waarbij 325 doden vielen. “Dat betekent één ongeluk per 3,2 miljoen vluchten.” Alleen 2015 was veiliger, met zestien ongelukken vielen toen 265 doden.


eTRA update 'Nov 2016' is now available

Monkey with phone

The eTRA update for next month contains the usual updates for CB and IB's, cabin, cockpit and training manuals et cetera.

Find a declaration form and more user manuals in the section General, specific MUC and RTM info in the section Operations, and maybe some LIDO charts on our new destinations.

Fly safe. Kind regards from your friendly eTRA-Team.

Nightflights over Asia


Flying somewhere between Beijing and Shanghai, we encountered a very active weather front with beautiful and very active thunderstorms. The cloud here seen on our left started to appear on our weather radar only a few minutes before and started to show off an amazing display of lightning that grew ever more intense.

eTRA-Crew needs assistance. Please donate.

Lavazza girl
To keep our TRApple services free and our TRApple servers going we could use some help. There's a huge amount of time spend every month to keep this website airborne, to moderate it's content & users, to answer all helpdesk requests, to keep our servers save & stable and to collect & upload eTRA content. 
We need your help to keep it FREE & SECURE to our eTRA-users and thousands of monthly website visitors.
We're open to adverting too. Please use our secure, quick and easy payment module for a secure donation of €5, €10 or €20 well spent. Thx for your support. Have a nice and well documented flight.


16 Jan 2019 - 23:39

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