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In previous versions of OS X, Apple’s Mail app included a feature named 'Bounce'. This allowed users to send email back to the sender, making it look like the address wasn’t valid. It was great for spam and emails from your mother-in-law. If you want this trick available again, follow this quick & easy tutorial.

See attachment 1 below for a screenshot of a bounced email.

Sadly, in Lion and Mountain Lion, this feature was removed from Mail. Thankfully, with a little AppleScrip work, its functionality can be restored. Follow the simple tutorial blow and bounce away!

1. Download the attached .zip file below (Bounce, containing an Automator document.
2. Open it in Automator (this is an Apple application which comes with all Apple computers and sits in your applications folder) after un-zipping it.
3. From the File menu, select 'Duplicate To…'.
4. Then save the new file as a 'Service'.
5. At the top of the new document, set the options to 'no input' and '', so it looks like attachment 2.
6. Hit Save (file > save), and name the service something like “Bounce Message.”

Ready. Now, in Apple Mail, when a message is selected, there will be a new option in Services under the Mail menu. See attachment 3 for a screenshot. Selecting that item will bounce the message to the sender and delete it from the Inbox.

Happy bouncing.

(Source: Stephen Hackett)

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16 Jan 2019 - 22:02

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