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A review of the new logbook application by Coradine

Flying is fun, beautiful and generally pays the bills quite well. The downside usually is that it also generates lots of administration. Especially in the summer, the administration of flight hours tends to accumulate since grabbing a beer with some friends or barbecueing is of great importance, and jotting down all those stretches you flew that week does not seem that attractive. Pilots are generally minimalists (yes, some confuse this with “Laziness”) and anything that can be done quickly, easily and precisely, without any effort from the pilot’s side usually seems to be most welcome. And that’s why they made Logten.

Logten Pro (LTP) is made by Coradine Aviation Systems. Founder and CEO of Coradine, Noah Lieberman built LTP from scratch and in the course of years this application has developed into a fast, easy to use and fully iphone-integrated piece of software for your Mac. Recently, Coradine released LTP5, a worthy successor in the line of LTP-software.

Like in any logbook application, LTP keeps track of your flight hours. It’s the “look and feel”, the reliability and the ease-of-use of the application that makes it stand out from the crowd.

LTP provides for a few databases in which you can enter data which can later easily be recalled when entering flights into your logbook. All aircraft you fly and the people you fly them with are easily selectable. Since LTP also asks for certain information with every type of aircraft (Jet/Turboprop, Single/Multipilot) it will easily register and calculate a lot of extra “totals” error-free that would usually take a few hours with a calculator.

Airports are automatically recognized when entered in IATA- or ICAO-code. LTP calculates the distance of your flights from a database of airports which is built into the application. You can even generate a .kml-file to open with google earth and it will show all your flown routes.?

One of the most important features for some of us is that LTP keeps track of your duty limits. With your carrier’s CLA or the EU-FTL at hand, you can easily enter rules concerning your limitations into the application, and with entry of actual duty times it will calculate your remaining hours for that day, month, year, or any other period that you specify.

Entering expiry dates of your flight license, medical license and ratings will make LTP generate a list in which it is easy to see when it’s time to grab your Flight Manuals and lock the doors to study for your checks.

Finally, every entry you make in the logbook takes a fraction of the time it does when writing it down in a logbook. In line with the “minimalist”-philosophy, Coradine developed Logten Mobile, which runs on the iPhone, that lets you enter flights on-the-go, saving you even more time.
The databases mentioned earlier (Aircraft, Pilots, Airports) are all in your iphone, and if the aircraft you’re flying or the colleague sitting next to you is not in them, you can add them and the databases will synchronize with LTP when you’re at home, pressing the “sync”-button on your iphone, while taking a sip of your well-earned cup of coffee.

The Look
The appearance of LTP has evidently taken some work by the developers, but the results are there. In the startup screen, a pane is visible on the left side, showing the hours you logged in groups, specified by you (Per month, year or any other period you specify). Also, it is possible to create “smart groups”, with which you can create a group of flights which have similarities (e.g. “Boeing 737 hours” or “Multi-Pilot hours”)

Throughout the application, the look of the interface provides for ease-of-use through intuitive design, making it easy for people who are new to Mac or LTP to use this piece of software, but not hard for professionals to “tweak” their electronic logbook to their wishes.

It is hard to describe the endless list of features offered by LTP, which may make it look threatening for new users when configuring the databases and the format of the logbook (JAA, FAA, etc). Also, it sure makes it near impossible to write a concise and accurate review, since a lot of very practical, but less-used features of LTP remain unmentioned.

Though it may be a lot of work to initially customize LTP to your wishes, Coradine has made it as easy as possible for you. If you have questions, Coradine offers lots of support like instruction-videos on the Coradine website, questions and answers on the Coradine Forum and if you really can’t find it, they’ll answer your question by e-mail (and from my
own experience, they’re really quick and accurate).

LTP 5 costs €70 and Logten Mobile, which is sold seperately, costs €32 in the iphone app store. This may seem like a lot of money, but in my opinion it’s money well spent. Also, with new releases of LTPLTP, you will get as much as 50% off when buying the next version.

A tip: If you decide to buy LTP, use the coupon code "trapple.nl" to save 10%!

If you have any questions about using Logten or any specific Dutch configuration problem, please feel free to contact us TRApple-enthusiasts via the “Tripreport” form on the “Helpdesk” page on www.trapple.nl. We’re here to help (and of course to make you addicted to doing anything and everything with a mac)

Happy landings!

Wouter Voorbrood
F/O B737 @ KLM

To find out if LTP 5 is an application you want to use, you can try it by downloading it from the coradine website (www.coradine.com). The application you will be using will have all features available, but will require a license when entering over 40 hours of flight time.

While you’re on the Coradine website, be sure to check out the all the features I didn’t mention and the testimonials other pilots wrote down on the website to get a better idea of Logten.


16 Jan 2019 - 22:11

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