TRA B737 Load & Trimsheet WebApp

This web app calculates a load & trimsheet for the TRA boeing 737's. It is designed for off-line use, i.e. in the cockpit, on an iPad or iPhone even without an active internet connection.

For best results, download a free offline browser like 'Offline Reader' by Vijay Anand from the AppStore and use it as a dedicated app for this load sheet web app. This way you also keep all your values as long as you keep the app alive, so you can use it at various times during your flight.


  • First check the support forum. Maybe your answer is already there.
  • Else, post your question about the TRA LTS WebApp on the support forum here.
  • If that doesn't help email our TRA LTS moderator at

Terms of use & disclaimer

  • Usage of this load sheet calculator implies accordance and agreement with terms of use. 
  • Use at own risk. No guarantees are made regarding the accuracy of provided information or calculations. It is always the final responsibility of the user to ensure accordance with company and legal procedures.
  • This load sheet calculator is not endorsed or approved in any way by, Boeing or any other instance.


Copyright © by Iskander Hannivoort. No unauthorized publication or copying without the express written consent of the copyright holder: 
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Link to the WebApp

You'll find a direct link called "- TRA B737 Loadsheet" in the main menu under 'TRA Crew', if you're logged-in as a TRA crewmember.


16 Jan 2019 - 22:32

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KoenBeste trapple, Heb sinds kort een one plus 3t met android versie 7. Als ik in de standby app een datum wil selecteren dan sluit de app zich. Daarna moet je alles weer invoeren oftewel de app is niet te gebruiken. Groetjes, Koen Schimmel11 Feb 2017 - 11:17
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